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Albs vestment catholic

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The alb, derived from the Latin word "Albus," which means white, is a liturgical vestment worn by Roman Catholics, Anglicans, Lutherans, and Methodists. It is a large white garment that falls to the ankles and is generally girded with a cincture (a belt of some sort, sometimes of rope similar to the type used with a monastic habit, such as by Franciscans and Capuchins). It is basically a long, white linen tunic like the ones used by the ancient Romans.

It was often used by secular clergy in non-liturgical circumstances in early Medieval Europe. The alb is now the common vestment for all Mass ministers, including clerics and laypersons alike. It is worn over the cassock and beneath any other special vestments, such as the stole, dalmatic, or chasuble. An amice is typically worn below the alb if the alb does not entirely cover the collar. The surplice and its cousin, the rochet, which are worn by canons and bishops, were born from the shortening of the alb.

The cassock-alb

Cassock-alb, often known as cassalb, is a relatively new garment that combines the classic cassock and alb. It was created as a practical undergarment (or alternative to a cassock during the Eucharist) for clergy and an alternative to the alb for deacons and acolytes. Since the 1970s, a white or off-white cassock-alb has replaced the conventional cassock and alb in several Anglican and Lutheran churches.

It was initially adopted in the Roman Catholic Church in France, however, without official authority. It is no longer popular in France, although it is legal in several tropical nations such as the Philippines and Hawaii in the United States. Its color is usually white. Outside the church, a stole of the same color as the day's Mass is worn instead of the usual white alb and colored chasuble.

Significance of the alb

The Priest alb represents the clothing of the newly baptized and the purity of soul necessary for Mass and the garment in which Pilate clothed Christ. The string used to collect the alb at the waist like a belt is usually white, although it can also be the color of the day or the liturgical season.

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