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Deacon Dalmatics

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A dalmatic is a lengthy, wide-sleeved tunic used as a vestment in the Catholic, Lutheran, Anglican, United Methodist, and some other churches.

On we have many beautiful varieties such as Gothic dalmaticsMarian dalmatics and Roman dalmatics. It can be interpreted as the correct vestment at mass, baptism, marriage, or any eucharistic service, and is a dalmatic for deacons. Dalmatic Catholic wear is also available as it is worn on special occasions.

The dalmatics for Catholic deacons make them stand out as they adorn the mighty, elegant perfect piece of clothing amidst many others. Some sets of dalmatics, especially the sets with tunicles, are worn by bishops, and they are worn above the alb and below the chasuble. Most of these dalmatics come with beautiful and elegant deacon stoles and tunics with maniples.

Variety of sizes and colors of dalmatics

The matching chasubles of these two can be found in the collection of our dalmatics vestments. They are of a custom size to make sure the wearer derives maximum comfort. They also come in various bright colors, making the wearer look flawless, beautiful and elegant according to the ceremony, whilst ensuring ultimate comfort. On a traditional scale, the dalmatic is a lengthy, full, closed gown with an opening for the head's passage and long full sleeves.

It was traditionally made of linen, cotton, wool, or silk and decorated with colored stripes around the cuffs of the sleeves. It comes in various colors such as black, blue, cream, green, grey, gold, red, and rose.

Dalmatics from our store are made of full polyester fabric with a mix of natural and synthetic ingredients. An example of such a synthetic ingredient is polybutyrate. Its advantage is that it is non-biodegradable, which means its tendency to disintegrate and break into tiny parts that would lead to it getting spoilt, is very low. This effect of the polyester makes these dalmatics highly resistant to stain. Go for gold by checking it out in our catalog and selecting the one that attracts your attention the most.

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