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A catholic surplice is a Western Christian liturgical vestment- a tunic with wide or fairly wide sleeves made of white linen or cotton cloth that reaches the knees. The clergy surplice is a small alb, with the alb representing the white garment received at Baptism. As a result, any cleric, lectors, and acolytes, as well as altar servers who are theoretically standing in for constituted acolytes for any canonical service, shall wear it. Seminarians and non-clerical choirs, for example, frequently wear it when attending Mass.

A priest surplice is always worn over a cassock and never by itself, and it's never clasped with a belt or cincture. This plain white garment is what most people think of when they hear the word surplice, but there's an important distinction to be made between it and another clerical gown that looks quite similar to it and is almost identical in many aspects.

The catholic surplice is designed to represent the purity of the baptismal process. Deacons and priests may wear it under their stoles during liturgical rites or sacrament celebrations outside of Mass. On rare occasions, a cop's cassock, surplice, and stole are worn over the tailcoat, surplice, and stole. The rochet, which is a version of the clergy surplice, is generally worn by clergymen instead of the surplice as part of the ceremonial dress.

At Ackermann Liturgical Vestments, we offer a high-quality Surplice with Lace. Our priest surplice with Lace is a lovely spin on a traditional garment that is suitable for both men and women. For an unmistakable, traditional look, it's finished in high-quality white viva material with interwoven white lace. Even among simple white clothing, this surplice stands out with its timeless, distinctive character and superb workmanship. Our catholic surplice collection is a cut above the rest, whether you're trying to re-outfit a whole church chorus, want your altar servers to present their finest selves in the sight of the Lord, or simply want to improve your own personal aesthetic. Start exploring our exclusive collection!

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