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Complete Funeral set: Funeral pall and chasuble

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The funeral set refers to the clothing used during a funeral mass, including the priest's outfit. It includes; a funeral pall and the priest's chasuble with a matching stole.

The chasubles and funeral palls in these sets are made with very elegant and dignified designs. The fabrics used in making them are very durable and lightweight so that the chasuble is light and lays well on the priest.

What is a funeral pall?

A funeral pall is an essential part of almost every Christian funeral. It is a large cloth that covers a casket or coffin at funerals.

Immediately the coffin arrives at the church, the pall is placed on it, and it remains on the coffin during all of the proceedings in the church.

At the graveside, the pall would be removed just before the coffin is lowered into the ground. But if the deceased is to be cremated, the pall-covered coffin will go through a curtain, and the pall will then be removed.

The common color used today in picking funeral palls is pure white. The color symbolizes the joyful triumph over death brought about by the Resurrection. The white color is not compulsory though and may vary with the liturgical season.

Traditionally, it is common for both the funeral pall and the vestments of the clergy to be black.

What chasubles can be worn for funerals?

The chasuble is one of the most recognizable pieces of clergy apparel. It is often worn with a stole, a band of colored cloth worn with its middle part around the back of the neck, and the two ends hanging down parallel to each other in front. The ends of the stole can be straight, or it may broaden out.

The accepted colors that may be worn for a funeral mass are white, black, and purple. Each of these colors has a meaning, according to the Catholic Church.

White symbolizes hope, innocence, and purity. This color is often worn at funerals of young children. It focuses on the deceased's ascension to Heaven.

Black is symbolic of mourning and death. It is the traditional funeral choice and was historically reserved for only funerals and other masses for the dead. The color focuses on the loss of life and the loss felt by the mourners.

Purple symbolizes penance and reflection. It is a sorrowful color. Some people prefer purple because it avoids the darkness of the color black and still maintains a solemnity and sorrow appropriate to the mood.

Funerals are somber events to celebrate life and honor its passing. The funeral sets give both an elegant and dignified expression to the ceremony.

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