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Miters hats

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In traditional Christianity, the miter hat is a style of headgear that is presently known as the traditional, ceremonial headpiece of bishops and some abbots. Miters are normally white, however white can also refer to religious garments made of gold or silver materials. Other colors are frequently used for the stitched bands and other ornaments that embellish a miter and lappets. Although multicolored miters are sometimes sold and worn today, this is most likely due to the maker's or wearer's lack of knowledge of ceremonial history.

The miter bishop's hat is a tall folding cap in Western Christianity that consists of two comparable sections (front and rear) that rise to a peak and are sewed together at the sides. From the rear, two small lappets are continually dangling. In the Catholic Church, ecclesial law grants (1) bishops, (2) abbots, (3) cardinals, and those canonically equal to provincial bishops the right to wear the miter hat and other apostolic insignia.

The miters are fashioned in the shape of a bulbous crown and are entirely encased in brocade, damask, or gold fabric. It's frequently embroidered and heavily embellished with gemstones. The Eastern miter bishop's hat generally has four icons connected to it, and it is usually gold, but other liturgical colors may well be chosen.

A cross, either fashioned of metal and standing erect or embroidered in fabric and resting flat on the top, is placed on top of the miter. The cross will be flat on the miters given to priests. The miter bishop's hat may have a symbol on top of it instead of the flat cross. Bishops have the right to wear the miters, although they can also be given to archpriests, protopresbyter, and archimandrites. The priestly miter hat does not have a cross on top of it, and it is given at the authority of a council of bishops.

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