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Vestments with Saints

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What are vestments?

Vestments are liturgical garments that are not worn in everyday life and are based on the secular clothing of the ancient Romans and Greeks. They are a uniform representing the sanctity of a priest's vocation and his position in liturgical leadership.

Vestments with Saints

The symbolism of Christian saints has been employed since the religion's inception. Each saint is claimed to have lived an exemplary life, and symbols have been used to communicate their tales throughout the Church's history. In order to identify them, a number of Christian saints are usually depicted by a sign or iconic theme linked with their lives, known as an attribute or emblem. The images of some of these saints are also imprinted on some liturgical vestments.

Some vestments with saints include; gothic chasubles with the Apostle Peter and Paul, Saint Patric model, Saint Francis, Saint Roch, Saint Joseph, Saint Antoni, Saint Barbara, the Holy Family, John the Baptist, Mariam Thresia, Saint Veronica, Saint Apostles, Saint Teresa, Saint Martin, Saint Juan, Saint Kateri, Saint Mark, Saint Lawrence, Saint Anthony, Saint Andrew, Saint Anthony of Padua, miter and stole with Saint Francis, humeral veil with Saint Anthony of Padua, gothic stole with Saint Peter and Paul, and lots more. All of these vestments are available in different models and colors.

Significance of liturgical vestments

These liturgical vestments differ in various ways, most notably in color, depending on the time of year and the rituals or celebrations that are taking place. However, on the other hand, it is much more than the basic, more or less elegant garments worn by clergy. The act of wearing them has significant symbolic significance for both the priest and others who recognize him as a representation of God on Earth when they see him clothed in this manner.

This is why liturgical clothing must be different and identifiable from any other type of garment worn by a priest outside of the celebration. These garments, in particular, belong to a sacred space, just as essential as the prayers and gestures that compose the liturgy, as well as the countless ceremonies that mark religious festivities.

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