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Catholic Burses, Maniples & Chalice veils

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A catholic burse is a container used to convey the corporal to and from the altar in the church. It was first used in the 11th century when the corporals were trimmed in size from their previous stature. The catholic burse is square, with the corporal wedged between two cloth-covered rigid cards fastened along one edge. The upper side of the burse, at the very least, must match the other Mass garments in color.

The maniple catholic is a liturgical vestment used mostly by Catholic clergy, however, it is also worn by Anglo-Catholic and Lutheran prelates on occasion. It's a silk or similar fabric crocheted band that hangs over the left arm. It's exclusively worn at Mass and is the same liturgical color as the other Mass garments. In a solemn Mass, the deacon and subdeacon wear the maniple catholic along with the dalmatic or tunicle, but only during the Mass. Other liturgical activities that require the use of the dalmatic or tunicle do not require the use of the maniple.

Chalice veils are a piece of silk that varies in color depending on the liturgical season and is used to cover the paten and bowl over the chalice-pall at specific moments during the celebration of the liturgy or sacred communion. The chalice, in which the wine during Mass is consecrated, is the most important of all liturgical utensils. The base was made even bigger under the baroque influence, the node pear-shaped, and the cup formed like a flower.

By the eighth century, etched designs on early chalices had become increasingly intricate, with words appearing on the base or surrounding the bowl. Under the influence of practical design, the modern Chalice veils focus on the gracefulness of line, the balance of proportion, and material quality rather than applied embellishment, and its shape is primarily inspired by designs popular during the first century. At Ackermann Liturgical Vestments, you can shop best-in-class Burses, Maniples & Chalice veils at the best market price. Explore our collection!

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