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Sets of Cope with Humeral veil

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Being a liturgical vestment, a cope is a long mantle or cloak worn by clergy, lay ministers in some situations, and a Bishop. When worn by a bishop, it is accompanied by a miter, which is a ceremonial headdress used in Traditional Christianity. A humeral veil, also being a liturgical vestment, is used in Anglican and Lutheran churches. The humeral veil is a piece of cloth that is approximated to be 3m long and 50cm wide and is placed over the shoulders down to the front. It also has pockets within that allow the wearer to hold an object without touching it directly.

They also vary according to liturgical colors, which are dependent on the season of the year they are being worn or on special occasions. An instance where the Humeral veils are worn is during the Mass of the Lord’s supper of the Catholic church. It is also used when a Ciborium containing blessed sacrament is taken to the Altar of Repose for reservation and brought back during the Good Friday service. It is also important that we distinguish a humeral veil from a Vimpa. The latter, looking similar but of a different design, is used when a Bishop celebrates Mass.

Let’s consider different Sets of copes with Humeral Veils

  1. Set of Semi-Gothic Cope and humeral veil model 579. This set includes a cope, Priest stole and matching humeral veil. It is decorated with high-quality embroidery and made of lightweight fabric along with a brocade damask.
  2. Set of Marian Roman Cope with Humeral Veil. In this set, we have a traditional cope, Roman stole and matching humeral veil. This is made of Italian silk and decorated with golden strips around.
  3. Set of Gothic Cope with Humeral veil model 115. This is another set that consists of Gothic cope, stole and the Humeral veil. This cope is expertly and beautifully made from lightweight plain fabrics and is also decorated with golden strips around.

Depending on the occasion or celebration, it is important that religious leaders wear the proper vestment.

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