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Roman Copes Liturgical

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Vestments are an important part of a priests' life. When engaging in Catholic celebrations or processions, the correct vestments can be a huge asset to the entire event. Parishioners notice quality vestments that are coordinated with the event that is happening.

Beginning with the expectation that the clothing should be clean and pure during a holy observance; vestments have evolved over the centuries. If a timeless look is needed for a Catholic ceremony, using Roman cope from Vestments24 is a top consideration.

Simplicity and elegance of Roman copes

A Roman cope design is simple, elegant, and dignified. It is crafted with rich embroidery and attractive ornaments which will please both clergy and congregation.

The Roman style of vestment has numerous variations. There are four commonly recognized continental styles of Roman vestments, including Italian, French, Austrian and Spanish. Vestments24 offers all of these, and a lot more.

While the Italian form of a cope has seen the column orphrey around the entire back and shoulders of the vestment, the French style is typically limited to the front with the shield sitting right up at the neck and shoulders of the cope itself.

In many regards, both the Austrian and the Spanish forms are quite like the Italian. All these Roman copes are a delight to see, and they wear well in almost any situation.

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How are liturgical Roman copes sewn in Vestments24?

If you are looking for a beautiful vestment that is made by expert hands, Roman copes from Vestments24 are not to be missed. Vestments24 uses materials that are easy to wear, and stain and crease-resistant.

These high-quality fabrics such as Italian silk, damask, and velvet, makes wearing copes from Vestments24 comfortable and pleasant. These copes will last a long time, and it is important that they are enjoyable to use.

We are able to make a suitable humeral veil and a miter for each cope. All you need to do is contact us if the selected cope does not have a miter or veil in the standard offer.

Vestments24 offers a wide range of ready-made vestments as well as liturgical sets of copes in different colors and embroidered patterns and can also accommodate custom orders. Don't miss out one some of the best ready-made vestments in the world and look at what Vestments24 has on offer.

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