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Ciborium Veil for sale

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A ciborium is a big, covered cup – such as a bowl or chalice – with a cover, which is generally topped with a cross. The hosts for the sacrament of Holy Communion are held and distributed in a ciborium in Roman Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran, and other kindred churches. This cup should be well-covered with a suitable veil called Ciborium veil. These Ciborium veils are easily found on any vestments store but you must consider the quality at the time of purchasing. Remember anything that is related to sacred activities must be pious and its quality must be of high standards.

If you are looking to buy premium quality ciborium veils for sale, Ackermann Liturgical Vestments is your one-stop destination. Our collection features exclusive varieties of Ciborium veils. Our products ensure sophisticated workmanship and luxury materials. We have a broad range of designs, colors, and sizes to meet the different needs of different customers. Our products are perfect for any liturgical use and the veils we have at our store are highly aesthetic and highly utilitarian.

A ciborium is frequently housed in a tabernacle or aumbry in churches. It may be shrouded in some situations to signal the presence of the consecrated hosts. It's usually made of precious metal, or at least plated with it. Check out our ciborium veil collection for the greatest in one-of-a-kind or custom-made items. Ciborium is made of 100% linen and has lace shells at the hem and aperture. A piece of silk, varying in color according to the liturgical season, is put over the chalice-pall to cover the paten and chalice at specific periods during the celebration of the mass or holy communion in Roman Catholic and Anglican churches.

The veil's aim is to prevent dust and insects from entering the Eucharistic elements. When the Eucharist is celebrated, the corporal is a square white fabric on which the ciborium and paten are put. At Ackermann Liturgical Vestments, you can buy ciborium veils for sale at the best market price. Buy now!

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