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The liturgical cope is a vestment worn by priests for festivities held outside of mass or church. The liturgical cope is like a huge cloak that extends almost to the feet and opens at the front. It is fastened together on the breast with a 'razionale' clip. Its secular origin is from a raincoat, as its Italian name implies (Italian: 'piviale' from Latin: 'pluvialis'), and it has a little hood, called the rear shield.'

The liturgical cope is worn over the surplice or alb following the stole. It can be many different colors depending on the event, and the liturgical calendar: white or purple for Requiem Mass and services for the departed, red for Votive Mass, green for Sundays and ordinary festivals, and blue for festivities in honor of Mary in Spain and South America.

The chasuble is a liturgical vestment. It is the outermost garment worn by Roman Catholic priests and bishops at mass, as well as by certain Anglicans and Lutherans during the Eucharist. The chasuble evolved from the paenula or casual ("small home"), a conical or bell-shaped cloak constructed from a semicircular piece of fabric sewed partially across the front with an opening left for the head, which Greeks and Romans wore.

The chasuble is worn when celebrating eucharist or mass, while the liturgical cope is worn for processions, Eucharistic benedictions, vespers and solemn praise, consistories for the formation of new cardinals, and a variety of other occasions. Priests and Bishops wear the chasuble and cope; however, a deacon may sometimes wear a cope.

The liturgical colors of the chasubles and copes

White: This color is worn during the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, Anointing of the Sick, Holy Orders, and Marriage

Red: This color is worn during the Holy Week, Pentecost feast, and the holidays of the Apostles, Evangelists, and Saints who were martyrs.

Green: This color is worn during the ordinary time of the liturgical calendar. 

Purple: This color is worn during advent, lent, some celebrations of the Holy Week, and masses of the deceased.

Blue: This color is used for the celebration of the day of immaculate conception.

Rose/Pink: This color is worn on the third and fourth Sundays of advent.

Gold: This color is used for solemn celebrations.

Black: This color is used at funerals and can also be used in place of purple for celebrating the mass of the deceased.

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