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Catholic chasubles

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Chasubles symbolize and depict when a season of the liturgical year is being celebrated. You should be aware that they are crucial for priests' attire during that period of celebration or time. Chasubles come in various designs, colors, and styles. A chasuble is a very beautiful and attractive vestment, expertly made to the highest quality standards.

Chasubles’ elegant design

Chasubles are designed with elegant, luxurious and captivating fabrics such as damask and plain and are lightweight. This traditional apparel is inclusive of the amice, alb, cincture, stole, and the chasuble itself. The amice, although an optional item, is a rectangular piece of clothing draped over the shoulders. It is usually tucked around the neck, over the wearer's clothing, and secured tightly around the waist using two matching cloth ribbons. It can practically be used as a scarf to keep the wearer's neck warm and comfortable in the period of cold weather and tends to guard and protect the expensive, super quality embroidered areas from moisture, sweat and specks of dirt that are accompanied by it.

What except chasubles?

The alb is the part you can wear over the previously mentioned amice, while the cincture is a cord used to gather the alb at the lower part of the body, particularly the waist. It comes in many distinct colors, most especially white and violet. The stole is a long, narrow strip of cloth, worn around the neck and usually over the alb which you drape on the amice - while the chasuble itself is the outer and the last piece of clothing.

Types of chasubles

On we have some of these beautiful chasubles in different styles and forms, such as the Marian chasubles, the Gothic chasubles, the Roman chasubles, the Semi-Gothic chasubles, and the Monastic chasubles. We have some sets of chasubles that are copes which are a symbol of a liturgical vestment; open in front and fastened at the breast with a clasp. We also have dalmatics, a long, wide-sleeved tunic, which tends to serve as a special liturgical vestment for the catholic priests.


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