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Gothic Dalmatics for deacons

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For Catholics, the dalmatic is a symbol of service and devotion to the Gospel of Christ.

A Bishop also uses the dalmatic to serve, whether during the washing of the feet or during the special liturgical service that bishops, who are cardinal deacons, perform near the Roman Pontiff.

When did Gothic dalmatics begin to be worn?

Historical records show us dalmatics as a common type of civil clothing in the ancient days. We know St Cyprian wore an under tunic (lineal), an upper tunic (dalmatica, tunica), and a mantle, according to Eusebius’ teachings, in the year 289.

This vestment, the dalmatic, had become the outerwear of Rome's most distinguished people since the early third century. Later dalmatics became the true and proper outer liturgical vestment of deacons from the eleventh century onwards.

The dalmatic is supposed to match the liturgical color of the day, as gothic chasubles and gothic copes also do. To form a matching pair, the dalmatic is frequently made of the same material and decoration as the chasuble.

With the passage of time, a diverse range of styles emerged, making it difficult to determine which type of liturgical dalmatic best meets a specific need. To address this issue, Vestments24 provides a wide range of deacon Gothic dalmatics online, to aid in the decision-making process.

Gothic dalmatics for deacons

In response to customer requests, Vestments24 displays an extensive array of reasonably priced options of Gothic dalmatics, easily accessed through a user-friendly online photographic catalogue.

The Polish brand Ackermann is the manufacturer that backs the manufacture of these vestments, and offers top quality garments at reasonable prices, such as a deacon Gothic dalmatic.

Vestments24 has a large selection of liturgical garments organized into convenient sets of dalmatics or bundles of chasubles and copes, dalmatics, mitras and more, with photos showcasing each set to help customers make the right choice.

At Vestments24 you can find an extensive offer of deacon Gothic dalmatics specially designed with quality materials to best personify the true Christian greatness of service to God.

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