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Rope Cinctures for Albs

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The Rope cinctures for albs are rope-like or ribbon-like objects that encircle the body about or above the waist and are occasionally used with specific Christian liturgical costumes. Cinctures come in two varieties: a rope-like narrow girdle and a rope-like belt worn around the waist. The other style is a "band cincture," which is a broad ribbon of cloth that wraps around the waist and generally has a part that falls down from the waist. Various Christian faiths commonly utilize one or both (or other) categories. Both forms of Rope cinctures for albs are utilized in the Catholic Church's Western rites and provinces of the Anglican Communion.

Devotional members of the different Eastern rites, whether in the Catholic Church or the different Orthodox communions, may wear a zone belt. The term cincture is most typically used in the Western liturgies of the Catholic Church to refer to a long, rope-like string with tasseled or knotted ends that is wound around the waistline outside the alb. The color of Rope cinctures for albs might be white or it can change depending on the liturgical season. The cincture of a Catholic bishop is formed of gold and green threads intertwined, a cardinal is red and gold, and the popes are white and gold.

A Roman Knot is formed when the cincture is knotted in the front and the ends are draped on each side. Anglican, Methodist, and Lutheran churches, as well as various other Protestant denominations, all wear the same rope-like vestment. However, Rope cinctures for albs are typically referred to as a "girdle" in such denominations, with the term "cincture" referring to a broad sash-like robe worn over the cassock somewhat above the waist. That example, "cincture" refers to the band cincture. This string is used to collect the alb around the waist and serves as a belt. It is usually white, although it can also be a different color according to the day or liturgical season. At funerals, white, violet, or black is acceptable attire.

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