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Vestments for Weddings

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Officiating at a wedding is a tremendous job. This Mass should be led by a Catholic priest who will guide newlyweds into a life built on love, trust, loyalty, and forgiveness.

That is why the wedding liturgy garments are meant to represent the pleasure and purity of this marriage of two souls.

Gothic chasubles and Priest stoles are included in this category. Those exquisite, delicate, expensive materials, such as brocade or damask, are used to make the Catholic vestments for weddings.

Liturgical Stoles for Weddings

Gothic chasubles can be worn on liturgical stoles during a wedding or other form of Mass, as previously stated. A stole is a ring that can be brightly colored, while white stoles are more common for weddings.

This vestment has a maximum length of nine feet and a maximum width of four inches.

Liturgical stoles are worn differently than other stoles. The back of the neck is where the garment's center is positioned. A stole's ends should hang down in front. The ends can be left dangling or joined to one another.

Silk is one of the many materials that the officiating priests or bishops may use for their liturgical stoles. For a wedding, a stole embellished with exquisite embroidery is an excellent choice.

Cassock for Weddings

Cassocks, mainly white cassocks, can be worn at weddings. During religious services, garments like the alb can be worn over a cassock.

Cassocks come in a variety of styles and are worn during liturgical services- they are usually very suitable vestments for catholic weddings. The thirty-three buttons on the front of a cassock have special significance for this garment which is: the 33 years Jesus spent on this earth.


A mitre is a type of headgear that was usually worn on special occasions by officiating priests and bishops. Back then, not all priests were permitted to wear mitres. Many of the rigorous requirements have been brought down recently, and a priest can now wear a mitre during a wedding.

It is preferable to wear a white mitre at this event, with the priest putting on a golden or silver mitre to match the color of his chasuble.

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