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Roman Chasubles

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Roman chasuble vestments are of very high quality and come in various colors such as green, purple, cream, white and red. They are of pure silk machine-embroidered design. Fiddleback chasubles have been meticulously designed with the perfect materials to create such a wonderful piece of clothing. All of these vestments are lined in the inner areas with a matching color poly-cotton. The reason for this is to provide comfortability to its wearer.

Roman chasubles’ comfortability

Creating comfortability is part of our considerations for putting out the best products in our catalog. It has new and distinct designs. The edges are also lined with beautiful gold zari braids to supplement a glow that would depict the quality of such material. The tape used is made of soft material that ensures high comfort of wearing the robe.

These Fiddleback chasubles are a set of chasubles that come in Roman copes and Roman dalmatics. A cope may be worn by any clergy's rank and by lay ministers in certain circumstances. If worn by a bishop, it is generally accompanied by a miter which is a head-dress tied across the head to supplement the chasuble. It is also accompanied by a highly ornamented clasp, known as a morse. This clasp, also called morse, is a very beautiful item decorated to make the general look very attractive.

High Design

Designed for liturgical usage on special occasions. Roman chasubles come with a stole, a maniple, a burse and a chalice veil. Such a set is called Low Mass. It will also beautifully match whatever season is being celebrated. The premium quality provides elegance to your celebration or occasion. It is very comfortable to wear and will make you stand out amongst others. Roman dalmatic is an amply sleeved tunic with wide stripes. It is created and designed with some elaborate and splendid designs to make it look elegant and attractive to observers. It can be worn as a coronation and liturgical vestment. This garment offers very high quality at an affordable price. You can get a Roman chasuble for your influential priest at a low cost as you navigate through our catalog.

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