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Sets of Dalmatics

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A Dalmatic is a long robe with wide sleeves that is slit on the sides and reaches to the knee or lower. It is an outer vestment that is supposed to match the liturgical color of the day.

Who wears a dalmatic?

Dalmatics are the proper vestment for a deacon at Mass, Holy Communion, or the Eucharist. Bishops also wear it as an undergarment above the alb (although this type of use by bishops does not occur often).

The Dalmatic was worn under the chasuble by Roman Catholic bishops, but since 1960, it is no longer obligatory for bishops to wear it.

Ackermann offers a wide range of dalmatics in its set of Dalmatics, and each set comes with a matching deacon stole.

The sets of dalmatics give you plenty of style options to choose from. These styles are broadly classified into Gothic Dalmatics, Marian Dalmatics and Roman Dalmatics.

What color of dalmatic is usually worn?

The color of Dalmatic to be worn usually follows the color assigned to that day in the liturgical calendar.

White dalmatics are worn for celebrations of a joyful character or before the Blessed Sacrament. White symbolizes purity, light, glory, and joy. White is also worn sometimes to perform funeral ceremonies.

Purple dalmatics are worn for celebrations of a penitential character. The color is symbolic of sacrifice, penance, and preparation. And so purple is the color worn during Advent and Lent. It can also be worn for funeral masses.

Gold is a grand color that can be worn on Christmas and New Year Day.

Red dalmatics are typically worn during Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Pentecost, and some other days stated on the liturgical calendar. Red symbolizes God’s Love, blood, fire, and celebrations of Martyrs.

Green dalmatics are used during the Time of the Church (or Ordinary Times), which is any time of year between Easter and Advent and between Christmas and Lent. Green symbolizes hope, life, and anticipation.

Dalmatics are highly dignified vestments worn by the Deacon. The Priests must always wear the right colors to match the celebrations and masses on the liturgical calendar.

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