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Priest's birettas

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The priest biretta is a spherical cap with 3 or 4 peaks or antlers, and a tuft on top. Birettas are flat caps with pointed ridges in the upper center, which are sometimes embellished with a pom or tassel. It is worn by Catholic priests of all grades, from cardinal to seminarian, as a ceremonial cap. All grades of the Latin Church clergy, from cardinals and other bishops through priests, deacons, and even seminarians, may wear the biretta catholic hat. Cardinals' robes are fiery red and composed of silk.

The rite of handing the galero to cardinals was substituted by awarding the biretta after the Second Vatican Council. A priest biretta is an amaranth in color, whereas priests, pastors, and congregants wear black birettas. Cardinals do not have a tuft of "pom," whereas bishops do. Priests who have been assigned as prelates to particular posts inside the Vatican wear black Birettas with a red pom, while diocesan priests and deacons wear a black biretta with or without a black pom. Although it is commonly assumed that seminarians can only wear birettas without pom-poms, there appears to be no definitive decision on the subject.

The biretta catholic hat has not been eliminated as a result of changes in clerical clothing and vesture regulations following the Second Vatican Council, and it is still the acceptable liturgical headpiece for persons in Holy Orders when "in the choir," although it is now optional. Bishops and cardinals are the most likely to utilize it, whereas other clergies are less likely. Some priests wear it for outdoor events like funerals or processions, as well as during Mass and other liturgical celebrations, as it is ordained.

Priests, on the other hand, rarely wear the hat during Mass; it may be worn as the priest approaches the altar, but it is rarely worn throughout Mass. During High Mass, more complex rites that involved singing and the involvement of pastors and sub-deacons, priests used to wear the biretta. Looking for exceptionally designed and premium quality Birettas? You have come to the right place! At Ackermann Liturgical Vestments, we have the widest collection of Birettas for various religious purposes. Choose yours now!

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