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Gothic Chasubles

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As you very likely know, gothic chasuble is one of the most recognizable designs for the part affecting apparel worn by clergies.

Gothic chasuble is the outermost sleeveless clothing piece used whilst observing Mass and engaging in several other special occasions. Suppose you are searching for a traditional chasuble design or something a bit more modern. In that case, we have the perfect selection of fine and attractive Gothic chasubles of high quality that come in various colors and designs and are also suitable for many different types of liturgical celebrations. These Gothic chasubles are beautiful vestments, and they are deftly made in a precise manner. Designed with unique and fine fabrics of very high quality, such as damask, and it also comes in the form of plain fabric. It is lightweight and comes in distinct colors, most especially white, green and violet.

Complete set with gothic chasubles

Currently, this traditionally worn apparel has four features: the amice, the alb, the cincture, the stole, and the chasuble itself. The Amice is a rectangular cloth draped over the shoulders. It is also usually tucked around the neck, over the wearer's clothing, and secured around the waist using two cloth ribbons. It can practically be used as a scarf to keep the user's neck warm in the cold and also tends to protect the expensive embroidered areas from sweat and moisture. The alb is worn over the Amice, while the cincture is used to gather the alb at the waist. The chasuble itself is the outermost and the last piece of clothing. Such sets of chasubles are available in our store.

A wide selection of chasubles

We have them in many diverse forms such as Gothic chasubles, and this is one of the Catholic chasubles for priests. No matter what the celebration or event, during any period, this particular chasuble will match the season and provide an elegant touch to your worship service. Using the exact measurements and designed in a very careful, adept manner, this Gothic chasuble vestment is a bespoke, made-to-fit garment and is sure to provide comfort and elegance.

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