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Catholic funeral pall

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At funerals, a pall is a fabric that covers the casket or coffin. A Funeral pall, also known as a palla, is a braced square card covered with white linen and embroidered with a cross or other suitable emblem. This pall's aim is to keep dust and insects out of the Eucharistic elements in a chalice. The origin is the same: the fabric is called after the garment that is said to have covered Jesus' corpse.

The various symbols used during a funeral are meant to assist people who are mourning realize the tremendous mystery of death and to inspire them to make changes in their lives so that they might join their loved ones in God's heavenly embrace. During the Middle Ages, the usage of a luxurious catholic funeral pall to cover the casket or coffin during the burial rose in popularity; first, these were highly colored and patterned, then black, then white. They were often presented to the Church to be used as vestments or other decorations.

The color and use of the funeral pall vary according to religious and cultural customs. Palls are usually pure white nowadays, to represent the white garments worn at baptism and the joyous triumph over death brought about by the Resurrection. However, the hue is not set in stone and may change depending on the liturgical season. The pall, as well as the clergy's vestments, are traditionally black. The Catholic funeral pall is adorned with a cross that runs the length of the fabric from end to end in all four directions, symbolizing Christ's supremacy over sin and death on the cross.

The funeral pall is put on the coffin or casket as soon as it arrives at the venue and will remain on the coffin throughout the whole service. At the gravesite, right before the box or casket is lowered into the earth, the pall will be removed. The pall-covered casket or coffin will travel through a screen and the pall will be removed if the remains are to be burned. Buy premium quality catholic funeral pall from Ackermann Liturgical Vestments.

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